How To Take Advantage Of Rebound Relationships

Many people in their adult lives have experienced a break up at one point or another. In case you have passed through this and your ex has gotten into a rebound relationship, you do not have to lose hope. There are a number of things that can help you to take advantage of the situation and get your ex back.

What does a rebound relationship mean? This is basically the type of relationship that your ex gets into, not necessarily due to love, but more as a way of trying to forget you. In essence, it is a method that your ex may use to try to avoid the pain associated with a break-up.

It is exactly for this reason that you can make use of a rebound relationship to your advantage. It means that your ex has genuine feelings for you, and this is the method of trying to get over the hurt. So, whatever it is that caused your break-up, and irrespective of who called off your relationship, you can get your ex back by using a rebound relationship to your advantage.

What you need to understand is that so long as there was true love between you, you can still rescue your relationship. Your ex will concentrate on the problem that caused your break-up while in the rebound relationship. This means that your ex will go out with someone whose characteristics are almost opposite to yours.

There are basically two main reasons why this will work to your own advantage. First of all, since your ex is trying to find someone who is different from you, it means that you are still in mind in the first place. The other thing is that this will provide you with the chance to determine what your ex is really longing for. So, while your ex is going out with the person whose qualities are contrary to yours, you should use the time to enhance your own qualities.

You should not try to get between your ex and the new friend. Just let time reveal the faults of the new friend to your ex. It will make your ex begin to appreciate your good qualities. When your ex begins to miss you, and that is when getting back together will mean a lot to you both.

Let your ex come back to you. When this happens, do not try to play hard to get. Welcome your ex back without apologies or accusations. In case you were in the wrong, say you were sorry and then proceed to other matters. Just don’t try to justify your mistake. Instead, let your ex see your improved qualities without you giving any promises to change.

When your ex moves into a relationship just after breaking up with you, this is a rebound relationship. Take advantage of the relationship and get your ex back.

The Power Of A Weight Loss Diary

Many business professionals use a diary to plan their day and week. Whether its a filofax or an A4 book, business people recognize the huge potential of listing their most immediate objectives. This works in business but it also works for weight loss! Through the use of a food diary you can list all yur objectives for the coming days and weeks but you can also do much, much more. Through using your diary you can identify problem areas around yur eating and exercise, adjust your approach to food and structure your day more effectively. Let me show you how.

This type of diary builds the foundations on which you can plan any necessary changes. These changes then act as a guide for setting weight-loss, eating and exercise goals. A food diary is a great way of tracking your progress. You now have the ability of reviewing your approach to your weight loss goals by giving you the chance to look over your behaviours and actions from the previous days, weeks and months. This is extremely motivating and reassuring. As you see how well you have done you are spurred on to even greater action. Likewise, when you see the times that you slipped-up and read your comments about how you were feeling at the time you will find yourself empowered to do something about because you have full control.

A food diary gives you the opportunity to make a conscious choice about your eating habits instead of going on automatic around food. Writing down what you can eat and can’t eat and reviewing your goals for the day sets out a clear plan and allows you to think twice before you act. A daily and weekly diary, with goals and strategies, is an approach used in business and by almost all high-achievers. They use it because it works.

To begin with you will just right down everything you eat and drink during the day. You will add your leisure activities like walking, jogging or just watching television. While you are in the middle of the task think about the reason or motivation behind doing it. Then once you have finished write the reason down in your diary. Do this with every activity even when you eat. This will allow you to analyse your motivations.

Once you have a week’s full of diary entries look back over it. You will find definite patterns emerging. Look closely at those patterns and use them to structure an eating and exercise plan for the upcoming week. Write an entry each day of what you will eat and what activity you will perform to help shed those excess pounds. For example, if you find that you are eating at certain times during the day because you are bored then this is an excellent time to pen into your diary an exercise activity or anything else that will relieve the boredom! Diligence and persistence is required to keep and follow your food diary but once you do the rewards are tremendous. Many people do not realize just how much they snack or eat due to reasons that have nothing to do with hunger. Your diary will help you see and deal with such times. It will also help you to formulate realistic goals because you have to put the activities and food you will eat down on paper. In the begining you may find that your aspirations outway your capabilities. Many times when we first start using a food diary we cram it with activities that are unrealistic. On the other hand some people don’t fill it up enough and find that they have too much time on their hands and we all know this leads to over-eating! However, with practise and time you will reach a comprimise with yourself.

Don’t forget to mention how you are feeling. Our emotions truly do rule our behaviour. The more honest you are with yourself the more you will get out of this process. If you find that you are eating from stress or emotional issues then put it into your diary, as one of your activities, that you need to find techniques and approaches to deal with these emotions. Hypnosis, subliminals and other self improvement techniques have high success rates when it comes to re-programming our behaviours and eliminating emotional issues.

Keeping a diary can take some getting used to in the beginning, and to many it may sound like a waste of time, but it is a proven method for helping reach and maintain a healthy weight and has been shown to help people reach goals of all kinds.

Understanding Dating And Personals Acronyms

If you are new to online dating, I am sure you’ve seen some letters and acronyms and you have no idea what they mean. Trying to figure them out can be challenging, although fun to guess. It can be overwhelming for you and you don’t want to end up initiating conversations with people that you may not share their specific interests. These dating and personals acronyms will help you get on the right sites and avoid the wrong people for you, right from the start. The wrong person for you may be the right person for someone else.

Interests can vary greatly on the internet, so here’s a handy chart for you to easily determine what all those acronyms mean! Keep in mind that this chart is not complete by any means.

AC/DC – Bi-Sexual Person

BBW – Big Beautiful Woman

BDSM – Any subset of B&D, D/s, and SM

BD – Bondage/Discipline

BF – Boyfriend

BHM – Big Handsome Man

BiM – Bisexual Male

BiF – Bisexual Female

CD – Cross-dresser

CPL – Couple

DDF – Drug and Disease Free

FA – Fat Admirer

F2F – Face to Face, Meeting in Person

GBF – Gay Black Female

GBM – Gay Black Male

GWF – Gay White Female

GWM – Gay White Male

GF – Girlfriend

GSOH – Good Sense of Humor

HWP – Height & Weight Proportional

ISO – Insignificant Other

ISO- In Search Of

LDR- Long Distance Relationship

LTR – Long Term Relationship

MBA – Married But Available

MWC – Married With Children

MWF – Married White Female

MWM – Married White Male

NLP – No Losers Please

NS – Non Smoker

NUMP – No Ugly Men Please

NUWP – No Ugly Women Please

PA – Photo Appreciated

PF – Professional Female

PM – Professional Male

QT – Cutie

RL – Real Life

SALT – Single and Loving It

SBF – Single Black Female

SBM – Single Black Male

SCF – Single Christina Female

SCM – Single Christian Male

SHF – Single Hispanic Female

SHM – Single Hispanic Male

SINK – Single Income, No Kids

SJF – Single Jewish Female

SJM – Single Jewish Male

SO – Significant Other

SOH – Sense of Humor

SPARK – Single Parent Raising Kids

SWF – Single White Female

SWM – Single White Male

TG – Transgender

TIC – Tongue in Cheek

TS – Transsexual

TV – Transvestite

TOY – Thinking of You

WLTM – Would Love to Meet

Now you will be able to decipher what people are talking about on the various dating sites. It maybe even help you to avoid some sites that are not of interest to you.

Are You Feeling Trapped In Your Relationship?

It would seem that along with an income, a place to live and food to eat, relationships are a necessary part of life. Humans are social beings who need companionship, though there are the few, as always, who appear to defy this need. That aside, humans, for the most part, need companionship that would allow them a best friend who will love and support them, just as they need to support and love their partner. Without this, life can seem long, boring, lonely and purposeless. This is not to say that everyone in a relationship is completely happy with it. In fact, there are some people out there who feel they are trapped in their relationship.

There are many reasons why a relationship would not work out. It is common knowledge that many relationships will end due to boredom, infidelity, loss of interest or conflict, but feeling trapped is often not listed. There are a number of reasons why a person may feel so trapped in a relationship that they refuse to leave it and try to make it work despite their feelings. They may worry about hurting their partner by telling them they are no longer interested in remaining in the relationship, feel that if they leave this relationship they will be unsuccessful in finding another one, feel they aren’t good enough to find someone else, or they may even feel that staying will avoid a threatening situation because they are possibly in an abusive and/or possessive relationship they are afraid to leave. Regardless of the reason one might feel trapped in a relationship, it is not they way someone should feel. While good, strong and healthy relationships do take some effort and work, feeling trapped is a sign that something is wrong. The next step is to figure out why one might be feeling trapped. Once the possible reason has been realized, appropriate action can be taken to deal with the trapped feeling.

It is not always easy for someone to figure out why they might be feeling trapped in a relationship, and even more difficult to figure out how to handle their situation properly. Consulting a counselor or a therapist is usually a good idea when dealing with difficulties in a relationship, especially if one would like to clear their thoughts before bringing it to the attention of their partner. For those who are not comfortable with seeing a counselor or therapist in person, they can easily contact and online counselor from their home computer as long as they have an internet connection. Online therapy is fast becoming the primary choice for many looking for some helpful advice because of how accessible it is. All one has to do is go online, open a browser and search for online counseling. There are many sites and online therapists who are offering their help online so that more people can get the help they need without feeling too uncomfortable. Online therapy is not only convenient, but confidential and successful as well.